VASC Restaurant delights connoisseurs around the world with its finest Spanish Mediterranean gastronomy. Inspired by the coastal Mediterranean cuisine, our chefs have successfully adapted and revolutionized their delectable flavor to the Latin-American exigent palate. By combining local flavors, a vast selection of gustatory and Paleo Diet options has been introduced to help us meet current demands. In order to ensure high and consistent quality standards, a system of a rigorous selection of sourced ingredients has been implemented to guarantee the freshest produce on the table. Each day, our highly trained and shipboard personnel work day and night, to ensure the best Spanish culinary experience in Costa Rica. In VASC Restaurant, we pride ourselves to provide an excellent gastronomic and a full dining experience with a venue that invites our guests to stay. Pura Vida!

Hours of Operation

Monday – Wedneday

Thursday - Saturday

12PM - 6:00PM


50 metros Oeste del Holiday Inn Express Lindora, San José, Pozos
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